5 Lessons a 6th grader needs to understand

by Movi

Posted on November 11, 2020


Lessons for a 6th grader

Be Patient. Not everything needs to happen in an instant or the way you want them to happen. Sometimes being a little flexible in what you ask for can make it easier in getting what you need.

Get Organized. Messy rooms often means missing homework. Putting reminders in a student organizer helps the wondering mind to focus on completing the tasks that needs to be done.

Be On Time. Punctuality is a virtue that shows responsibility and the readiness to start a school day on a positive note. If you want to be on time, sleep early to wake up early.

Be Ready to Learn. Become the explorer that you can be. If you do not understand math at first, just do not give up. Ask for the help you need to navigate the uncertainty of math problems.

Be Forgiving. If someone takes a sticky note from your desk (without your permission), do not track down the guilty sibling. in an aggressive manner. Take the incident as a teachable moment about respecting the school supplies to others.

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